The Voice of Indiana's 44th Regiment: Part 3


ISBN-13: 978-0988948921  By Margaret Hobson

This 585-page book is part three of a three part series and follows The Iron Men of Indiana’s 44th Regiment, Part 1: Biographies and Regimental Statistics and The Voice of Indiana’s 44th Regiment, Part 2: Formation and Photos.

Part 3 is an intimate, firsthand account in the citizen-soldiers’ uncensored words, including those offensive to our modern ear, drawn from letters, diaries, newspaper accounts, military reports, memoirs, and out-of-copyright books covering the Battles of Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Stones River and Chickamauga. It then follows the soldiers into their Provost Marshal duties in Chattanooga.

“Through the voices which you’ve collected and compiled, you’ve allowed us to know them as more than a regiment. You’ve allowed us to know them as people caught up in something much bigger than themselves. You’ve allowed us to see them at their best and, yes, sometimes at much less than their best. Throughout you’ve let their voices give us an honest picture of their patriotism, their courage, their foibles, and their weaknesses. They are real people.”


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