Ian Rolland: With a Bias Toward Action


by Donna L. Reynolds

                   Business Executive, Community Powerhouse, Industry Leader,          Philanthropist, Mentor and Family Man.

These words only begin to describe Ian Rolland, because what he has done has been guided by who he is: intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, principled, generous, humble., humble.

Here, in the words of colleagues, friends, family members, journalists and adversaries, are stories of the insightful, strategic, progressive and sometimes controversial contributions Ian Rolland has made to his home city of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and to the world beyond. Here, too, are his own reflections on his remarkable life and his steadfast beliefs in what is right and important.

A man with a bias toward action and an indomitable spirit, he continues, by his words and deeds, to inspire others to follow his example of courageous servant leadership.