Hoosier Aviator Paul Baer


America’s First Combat Ace

ISBN: 9781467138499  by Tony Garel-Frantzen

Indiana native Paul Baer was an American pilot of many firsts.  Born into a modest midwestern family in the late 1800s, Baer grew up short and shy in Fort Wayne.  Not short on ambition, he volunteered to join a new breed of combatant: the fighter pilot.  Dogfighting in the skies over France during World War I, Baer earned a giant reputation as the first-ever American to shoot down an enemy plane and the first to earn the title of “combat ace” for earning five victories –  before being shot down himself.

The author celebrates the 100th anniversary of Baer’s aerial heroics with rarely seen images, a previously unpublished POW letter from Baer himself and a look at the restless raptor’s life of roaming.