200@200 : August — World of Arts and Culture

While downtown arts and cultural offerings have played a vital role in the reinvention of our city today, this work has greatly contributed to the vibrancy of our city for many years.

Beginning in the mid 19th century, productivity and prosperity provided the citizens of Fort Wayne a standard of living that was more than subsistence. As leisure time became more available, residents enjoyed the option of making a living out of self-expression, or benefitting from and supporting those who did. Residents enjoyed culture, performances, theater, music and the visual arts, as we continue to do today.

Art and culture are essential to the fabric, character and economy of the city of Fort Wayne. The arts humanize our community, giving us inspiration and opportunities to connect as people. The arts have helped define who we are, and they continue to make Fort Wayne an exciting place to work and live.

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What is 200@200?

As Indiana embarks on its bicentennial anniversary and reflects on past challenges, successes, and opportunities, we too reflect on 200 years of our part of Indiana. How has Fort Wayne changed? What have we discovered? What will we take with us into the next century?

The 200@200 project is a celebration of Fort Wayne's legacy of progress throughout Indiana's 200 years of history. Using artifacts from the museum's collection of 28,000 objects, the History Center will tell 200 unique stories of Fort Wayne's role in the 200 years of Indiana's statehood throughout the 2016 bicentennial year. Each month highlights a different historical theme and presents a collective mosaic of the community's shared past and present, commemorating the progress, growth, and creativity of the "Summit City." Each month's theme will be featured in a virtual exhibit and in person at the History Center.

The History Center is honored to share that 200@200 has been endorsed by the Indiana Bicentennial Commission as an official Legacy Project. WANE serves as the project's media sponsor. Stop by the History Center to view these artifacts in person during 2016.

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