200@200 : July — Forward through Innovation
c. 1973
McMillen Feed Mills Feed Sack
Central Soya's story begins in 1916 when Dale McMillen bought the Transfer Grain Elevator in Fort Wayne and founded Wayne Feed Company. He pioneered the concentrate feed concept propelling his feed company into great financial success. By the mid—1920s, Wayne Feed was shipping 4,000 carloads daily by rail. In 1929 McMillen merged his company with American Milling Co. to form Allied Mills where he experimented with a relatively new crop— soybeans. In 1934 he opened Central Soya in Decatur on the site of an old abandoned sugar mill and within a month was producing Master Mix concentrate feeds using soybean meal as the key protein. The company would become a major force in the Northeast Indiana economy, as well as a leader in soybean research and development. This 100 pound feed sack held Master Mix Layer Concentrate chicken feed. The sack is made of cotton and is printed in blue and red ink of both sides.
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McMillen Feed Mills Feed SackMcMillen Feed Mills Feed Sack
McMillen Feed Mills Feed SackMcMillen Feed Mills Feed Sack