200@200 : July — Forward through Innovation
c. 1930
Leonic Christmas Tinsel
After the Dudlo Manufacturing Company crowned Fort Wayne as the magnet wire capital of the world, it moved into the production of tinsel——the tiny gold and silver threads that lend much charm to the Yule tree. Although European tinsel dominated the market, Americans began experimenting with producing tinsel in the late nineteenth century. Fine wire was flattened between two highly polished rollers to a very thin silver or gold ribbon. While Dudlo was manufacturing wire that opened new horizons for electricity and electronics, the Leonic Division of Dudlo was organized in 1916. The success of this new division was gradual; in time, Dudlo's Leonic Division became recognized as a serious contender in the American tinsel market. Dudlo's expansion into tinsel production exemplifies the diversification that reflects the development of Fort Wayne industry as a whole. This department store counter display holds 32 spools of tinsel and ribbon for gift wrapping Christmas packages. The red box opens to reveal festive images of a Christmas candle, holly and gifts. The shiny assortment of tinsel was sure to delight every gift recipient.
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Leonic Christmas Tinsel DisplayLeonic Christmas Tinsel Display
Leonic Christmas TinselLeonic Christmas Tinsel
Leonic Christmas Tinsel BoxLeonic Christmas Tinsel Box