200@200 : June — Coming Together
c. 1822
Masonic Apron and Sash
On March 22, 1823, John Sheets, grand master of the Masons of Indiana, granted a dispensation to Alexander Ewing, worshipful master (the most senior officer), "together with all such brethren who might thereafter become members" to form a lodge. After gathering many influential men from Fort Wayne, Wayne Lodge No. 25, Free and Assembled Masons Society, received its charter from the Grand Lodge of the State of Indiana on November 10, 1823. This was the first such society organized in Fort Wayne. The eight—story Masonic Temple that was built in 1923 still stands tall and proud on Washington Street today. This masonic apron and sash were used in rituals. The sash was found folded up inside the pocket of the apron and warns "The Strong Scattereth the Weak." The apron is white cotton printed with several masonic symbols in black.
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Masonic ApronMasonic Apron
Masonic SashMasonic Sash
Mason's Consistory Class, November 1922Mason's Consistory Class, November 1922