200@200 : March — Peopling the Community

The place where Fort Wayne was founded, referred to as the confluence, literally "the flowing together", has long been prized for its strategic location at the meeting point of the three rivers. Yet it is also a place where people come together. Over the last two hundred years, individuals from all over the world have traveled to the confluence in search of opportunity and a new life. Each wave of new immigrants has left a lasting mark on Fort Wayne's story and culture.

200@200 - Peopling the Community features artifacts from many of the nationalities, ethnicities and people groups that have made their home in Fort Wayne. Throughout the years, several communities have donated objects to the History Center's collection. Those gifts, displayed here today, represent only a part of the Summit City's diverse social fabric. We hope to continue to receive gifts that allow us to more fully illustrate the story of Fort Wayne's multicultural heritage.

Be sure to visit our virtual exhibit page again in April to view the next installment of 200@200.

What is 200@200?

As Indiana embarks on its bicentennial anniversary and reflects on past challenges, successes, and opportunities, we too reflect on 200 years of our part of Indiana. How has Fort Wayne changed? What have we discovered? What will we take with us into the next century?

The 200@200 project is a celebration of Fort Wayne's legacy of progress throughout Indiana's 200 years of history. Using artifacts from the museum's collection of 28,000 objects, the History Center will tell 200 unique stories of Fort Wayne's role in the 200 years of Indiana's statehood throughout the 2016 bicentennial year. Each month highlights a different historical theme and presents a collective mosaic of the community's shared past and present, commemorating the progress, growth, and creativity of the "Summit City." Each month's theme will be featured in a virtual exhibit and in person at the History Center.

The History Center is honored to share that 200@200 has been endorsed by the Indiana Bicentennial Commission as an official Legacy Project. WANE serves as the project's media sponsor. Stop by the History Center to view these artifacts in person during 2016.

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