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General Henry Lawton Whip
"Long Hank" Lawton (1843—1899): Fort Wayne's Greatest Soldier

Fort Wayne native Henry W. Lawton joined the 9th Indiana Volunteer Infantry in 1861 and reached the rank of lieutenant colonel of the 13th Infantry in 1865 all before his 22nd birthday. Lawton transferred to the regular army at the end of the Civil War. He was the first Allen County resident to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. In 1886 he led the military company credited with capturing Geronimo along the Mexican Border. Geronimo fought for decades to protect the Apache land from Mexican and Anglo settlement. Even though he campaigned against the tribes, he was trusted by them and known to be kind, making sure everyone under his command had enough food.

Lawton went on to be major general in the Spanish—American War in 1898. He transferred to the Philippines where his men presented him with this riding whip. He was killed at San Mateo, Philippines in 1899, believed to be carrying his whip. A public memorial was held for Lawton on February 5, 1900 when his funeral train came through town on its way to Arlington. The ceremony was held in the still unfinished rotunda of the Allen County Courthouse.
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General Henry Lawton's Whip  & PortraitGeneral Henry Lawton's Whip & Portrait
General Henry Lawton's WhipGeneral Henry Lawton's Whip